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Blog: The Big Project for 2004

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Over the weekend we had a BIG CLEAROUT in The Boudoir, as it was WELL dusty and mucky. I chucked out approximately 15% of my possessions (so if it's Good Books and Old Paul McCartney Cassettes you're after, check out Help The Aged in Leytonstone NOW!) on Friday, the Salad Dressing On My Lettuce and The Landlady did a MASSIVE clean up of EVERYTHING on Saturday, and then on Sunday we set up a DESK in the corner of the room, and everyone in the house apart from me put up some curtains. It looks decidedly CHI-CHI, also BIJOU now. Why, this morning i DREW the curtains for the first time, it was DELICIOUSLY STYLISH. I have also bought some furniture from Habitat with which to furnish it, it doesn't GET any more ChIC.

ANYWAY, setting up the desk meant chucking out the old cardboard box 'pon which my stereo had been sitting, an cardboard box PACKED with old cassettes, about half of which were live recordings. There's HOURS of these, going right back to my first gig EVER (with The Masters Of Nothing!), including The Casbah (my comedy club in the early '90's,), a metric TONNE of Voon gigs, and also lots of The Council, various other bands I have been in, and quite a few radio sessions and early solo gigs. It is a LOT of stuff, which I never really bother to listen to as it's a pain in the arse finding the bits I want to hear again amongst all the DUST and TAPE and that.

HOWEVER I don't want these to get lost or anything, as it's big chunks of my LIFE, so I've decided to embark upon THE HIBBETT ARCHIVES! AHA! My GRATE new idea for the year is to DIGITISE the LOT, dividing up all these gigs into MP3-sized nuggets, and then putting them all onto CD, even with photographs where I've got them. When they're done I can give COPIES to the other people involved, as a) that'll be lovely b) they'll really like it and c) I can then chuck out the manky old cassette versions without relying on my one CD copy.

And yes, it will mean I'll HAVE to sit and self-indulgently listen to tapes of MYSELF again and again, but that is a price i am willing to pay for the sake of the HISTORICAL RECORD. Well done me!

I also discovered a small pile of copies of a few tapes by Voon and The Council, so i might do a COMPETITION, or something. Whoo! Won't THAT be exciting eh?

posted 5/1/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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