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Blog: New Gig!

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We've just confirmed a new GIG, in MAY! This'll mark a return to the scene of one of, if not THE, GRATEST ever Validators gig, as we're heading back to the Adelphi in Hull. This should be BRILLIANT! I'm also waiting on news of a gig in Nottingham in March, then maybe I'll try and play Leicester again in April, and of course there's still the vague prospect of my Scottish Tour at the end of February. I shall, of course, keep you INFORMED.

Annoyingly, The Lovely Brothers have a gig coming up on February 8th. GRAARGH! This is annoying because I am booked and away on holiday then, CURSE THEIR SCHEDULING - why oh why do today's young bands not ask ME first before booking such things eh? CUH! Anyway, it's at the Bull & Gate, so go see them (unless you're on holiday too, of course), as they are GRATE.

posted 22/1/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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