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Blog: Council: Tragedy

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I did some more ARCHIVING this morning (I was sat at home waiting for our new TELLY to turn up, it is HUGE), making a start on the next section, which will be The Council. This was the band formed by me and Dr Neil Brown (i.e. the original Voon lineup) the day after Voon "finally" came to an end... well, until we started doing all the reunions, but anyway.

In my MIND The Council was always much the same as Voon, but GOODNESS ME it appears not, at least not according to the first tape that we made. Neil and I appear to be VERY EARNEST and VERY ANNOYED about pretty much everything, although mostly about not having girlfriends. The first six songs are about mature students hanging around with younger people (which annoyed us), people who CAN get girlfirends (which annoyed us), girls who wouldn't go out with us (annoying), jobs (annoying), and Sundays (also annoying). The last song, thankfully, was an instrumental, but I bet it was inspired by something annoying. GRR!

It was all a bit surprising, to be honest - over the weekend I'm going to do the live tapes and the second Proper Tape we did, all of which feature TIM. I've got a feeling that the arrival of Tim The Celebrity Drummer on the scene may have cause us to once more Lighten Up a bit. I've seen photographs of us dressed as COWBOYS at one of our final gigs, when we played an entire set of Country Classics like "I'll be your cowboy if you will be my sqaw", so SOMETHING must have happened. If it hadn't I feel we would have EXPLODED with RAGE!

posted 30/1/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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