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Amazingly for a man of my stature and wisdom, i woke up early this morning, and had to arse around the house for two hours until it was time to begin the GRATE PAUL McCARTNEY TICKET CHASE! At exactly nine o'clock i LEAPT upon the phone and startled dialling the numbers given. Two were completely unavailable, so i HONED IN on the one that was only engaged. I tried Re-Dial, but it seemed my FINGERS were faster, and so i MENTALLY PREPARED myself for an hour or two dialling and dialling and dialling until i LUCKED OUT and got through. It would be long, it would be hard, but it would be worth it.

Then i thought "Or i could do it online." Popped upstairs, tip tap tap on the keyboard, and in five minutes i had a confirmation email on the way. On the one hand, OH MY WORD! I'm going to see PAUL McCARTNEY! On the other hand, i felt slightly CHEATED by it being so easy.

But not that much, I've still got the tickets! WAHEY!

posted 21/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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