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Blog: More Exciting Packages

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There was another little package of THRILLS waiting for me when I got home last night - a copy of Sandman Magazine (Hull Version), which included a rather ACE preview of our forthcoming GIG there in a couple of weeks:
Oh, what a joy it was to have this CD drop through my letterbox, and the best bit is we get to witness this madness for ourselves. Currently dripping in acclaim MJ Hibbett and The Validators have just recieved album of the year from Rolling Stone magazine (mad but true) who describe Hibbett as an "insanely prolific, remarkably witty bespectacled thirtysomething comic book geek from the Midlands". It doesn't stop there, Steve Lamacq's new year guest (well, I imagine they'd make a terrible mess and steal all your booze!) was most popular unknown act of the year. Lyrically superb, The Streets beware, this is actually how you're meant to do it. This is a real modern day poetry to music. Tickets are a complete steal at £4/£3 as this will be one gig to remember.

Cool, huh? My only worries are 1) that we'll actually be OK after such BUILD UP and 2) that people won't start throwing things/leaving during the support act... because the support act is going to be ME! I've had a request for a couple of songs I haven't done live in AGES ("Say It With Words" and "Call The Lyric Police"), so I've been relearning them, and I'm going to do quite a few new ones, thus i am AFEARED. I'm doing a DIFFERENT set! EEK!

posted 23/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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