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REHEARSALS continued over the weekend, as i sat in the bedroom BELLOWING in 40 minute batches. I am GAGGING, UTTERLY, for ROCK ACTION now - my SET is now nudging a possible 50 minutes of non-stop HITS, with several Less Probables WHITTLED out, and a couple of new ideas inserted. One of these would be to do "Fat Was A Feminist Issue" almost ENTIRELY unaccompanied (hmm... or is that a bit too Singers' Night?), the other is to bring back the song "The Peterborough All Saints Wide Game Team Group B".

To be honest, the first set of reasons for doing this was that i realised i a) DIDN'T have any songs from the "A Church Hall Of Sound (revisited)" single in my current set; b) DO have several hundred copies of the "A Church Hall Of Sound (revisited)" under my bed that I'd like to encourage people to buy and c) have already got "Good Cooking" in the set, so "Another Man's Laundry" would be A Bit Much.

However, the second set of reasons were much more honourable, as playing it last night i remembered how much the song meant to me, and how GRATE the (true) events described had been. It also reminded me of how well it seemed to go down with audiences, especially when I played at the Need To Know Christmas DO 2001. It appeared to touch the BRUISED HEARTS of several Computer Types, to know that sometimes, actually, Our Lot DID win, and not just at the things only we'd give a toss about anyway.

So yeah, it's coming back!

posted 24/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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