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Blog: 16K Crazy

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Well blow me, it's all go here! It seems the 16K video is whipping round the world causing grown men to WEEP tears of nostalgic joy - it got onto last night, and many of our cousins across the water have been sharing the love. Astoundingly, two THOUSAND people clicked the "learn more about the songwriter" link underneath the video, and came here to... er... learn more about the songwriter. COR!

It's also had an effect on the totaliser, which edges ever closer to the magic 100 sales mark. For new readers (and goodness ME but there's a lot of you), the totaliser is logging sales for our most recent album, "This Is Not A Library". If you want to make it go PING (and also make me go "ZANG!") then that's the one to buy, but if you'd like a CD copy of Hey Hey 16K (plus a load of other Quite Good songs), then it's "Say It With Words", our debut album, that you're after.

Or, you know, you could get the whole back catalogue for 24 quid and have it ALL. Or you could just listen to the song, I don't mind, the fact that you're here at all is a very beautiful thing.

Right, I've brought my Hey Hey 16K t-shirt in with me today, I'm planning to wander round town at lunchtime and see if I get MOBBED!

posted 6/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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