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Composition of THE EPIC continues apace, although for some reason my BRANE has decided to really annoy me by starting off the IDEAS at about 8.35am, knowing FULL WELL that in seven minutes time i will have to TEAR out of the house and RUN to get my train. It also knows that for AT LEAST the next hour I won't even be able to HUM anything, and certainly won't be able to write any GRATE IDEAS down, and thus get all worried that I'll forget something. Git!

But it's coming along quite nicely, and the feeling of having IDEAS bubbling away just behind the SCREEN of my Conscious Mind is ACE. There's nothing quite as satisfying as, as happened just now whilst walking to lunch, suddenly seeing a MUCH better way of phrasing a line, and then spending the next ten minutes humming it internally, even though you should really be paying attention to what people are saying to you.

So! Here's a SNEAKY PEAK at two little bits...

posted 27/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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