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Blog: I Rocked Too Hard

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Sorry about the lack of updates - i have been POORLY. On Friday the Sausage In My Sausage Roll and I went to the RedWire Design Party i.e. the people who do Kooba Radio. We discovered Nathan Parsad on the way, STRUGGLING with equipment, so gave them a hand, and were all set for FUN and FROLICS until about 90 minutes into the proceedings I felt REALLY POORLY and had to come home, THUS missing seeing the band play. On Saturday I lurked around the house mostly watching "Firefly", and on Sunday we went first to see the Greenpeace ship Esperenza, THEN to see "The Weeping Camel". I was wearing my new vegetarian shoes at the time, i was The Guardian Society Supplement in HUMAN FORM. The ship was GRATE and dead interesting, especially if you pretended you were out in the Arctic heroically saving whales, and the film was... er... "charming". OK, my delightful companion really liked it, and there were some nice BITS, but goodness me there wasn't much to it - a camel has a baby but refuses to feed it, so a couple of villagers go and get a violinist who performs a ritual, then the camels get on together. When the two villager lads stopped off to buy some batteries I wanted to shout "COME ON! Stop wasting time! Get back to the camel and GET ON WITH IT!" but, as I say, otherwise it was all fairly pleasant, though I did feel sorry for all the only children in the room who'd been taken their with their parents... especially as they'd've had to have walked past all the Shrek 2 posters on the way in...

Anyway, when we got home afterwards i was KNACKERED and POORLY, and yesterday i was TOO POORLY to come in to work. I was DONE IN, so spent most of the day watching "Firefly" again - Firefly is GRATE, I'm now nearly through the Commentaries, and it's desperately rubbish to know that there really AREN'T any more episodes to watch. CURSES! This morning I felt a bit better, so came in to work for the afternoon, but I am now REGRETTING this as i feel ROTTEN.

Poor old me! I Rocked Too Hard!

posted 13/7/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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