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Blog: Feeling GOOD

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Aaah! What a delightful London morning it is, the sun is out, and all is well with the world (except, obviously, for the useless cnuts running London Underground). Why so cheery you ask? The answer is simple: I done a GIG!

Things got off to a DAFT start when i looked at my A to Z and thought "Hey! Farringdon is Quite Near, i'll walk there!", not realising that the scale on a London A to Z is NOT the same as on the Leicester ones, and what appeared to be a 10 minute stroll turned into a thirty minute TREK. Still, I got there in time for my soundcheck to find, of course, the headline band STILL doing theirs. Ah! Life In ROCK! How little you change! There were white adult males wearing blue dreadlocks, their "manager" applauded every song done during said soundcheck, and BONGOES were in evidence. No more need be said.

So anyway, i eventually did my regimented five minute check, went for some (horrid) chips and a (OK) samosa, got MORE NERVOUS as some of my lot turned up, and then PLAYED. It was ACE! I really enjoyed it - it's been SO long since i've done a gig, it was nice to know i could still manage it. TWO songs got Live Debuts - "Things'll Be Different" and "The Lesson Of The Smiths" with the latter ESPECIALLY seeming to go down quite well. I was also GRATIFIED that everyone did the "Pump It Up Mark!" bit in "Boom Shake The Room", and i even did a Sort Of Encore at the end too. RESULT!

So all was lovely, and afterwards i got to talk to the entire audience, many of whom i was related to, and DRINK BEER quite a bit too. This morning i AROSE at about 6am thinking a) "I feel GRATE!" b) "Why are so many things in the way that i keep falling over them?" and c) "WAHEY!"

This may change as the day progresses, but for now - HOORAY! HOORAY for ROCK!

posted 6/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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