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Blog: The Lady On Your Radio

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I think I mentioned a while ago that I'd done a JINGLE for the Claire Dickinson show on Kooba Radio - I really liked it (and went around SINGING it for several days), so was On Tenterhooks about whether the Kooba TEAM would... I've just been over and LISTENED to BOTH Claire's show and the Johnny Yeah Show and... yes, they did! COR! It was a VERY pleasant couple of hours listening and having my EGO STOKED - it got it's own SPOTLIGHT on Claire's show, and then not only ALSO played on Johnny Yeah, but also used as the lead in to their THEMED TRIO. Every show they do three songs in a row THEMED, see. This week i looked at the tracklist and saw "Payday", the version of "These Foolish Things" me and Johnny did last month, and then the mighty Johnny Domino, and thought "Cor, it's like a ME THEME!" And it was!

Ooh, I'm all pleased and happy about it now, that was LOVELY! AND they played The Fighting Cocks too - go have a LISTEN, it's all good!

posted 29/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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