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Blog: Rocking In The New Year

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HOORAH! I've just got off the phone with The Bull & Gate, where I have just booked us a GIG for January 29th next year. WHOO! I haven't played at the Bull & Gate for AGES and AGES, which is just plain WRONG because i LOVE it there, especially when, as in this case, it's with The Validators too. Ooh, I'm all pleased - this makes January quite a ROCKING MONTH, as we've also got two recording sessions booked to DEMO (oh yeah!) the new material, in between which Tom and I are playing in Ipswich, and then shortly afterwards we're doing our live session on Raw Talent in Hull, then playing Leeds.

Now that's what i CALL a Rock And Roll Itinerary! AND then, if all goes to plan, hopefully, and touch wood, we'll be off to AMERICA in March! KAPOW!

And talking of America - Charlie of The Fighting Cocks reminded me that there IS one thing to look forward to with four more years of Anti-Fonz - he's going to build GIANT SPACESHIPS and send them to MARS! HOLA! Also... er... no, that's it.

posted 4/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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