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Blog: ROCK Sunday

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The Walls Of My Building and I set off bright and early on Sunday afternoon for TOWN, and for the BBC. We got there SO bright and early that we actually had time for a quick DRINK in All Bar One - they're funny places them, they FEEL like Bars off the telly, rather than being in an Actual Pub, in fact it feels like you're in a CAFE being SOPHISTICATED - maybe that's so nobody ever thinks "Ooh dear, i have been in the PUB for hours, i'd best stop NECKING BOOZE" and instead swans around going "La de da, i am DEAD sophisticate me, MORE BOOZE!"

Anyway, it was soon time to head to the BBC for - amazingly - my NINTH appearance on the show. We went up to THE HUB, where, being VETERANS, we helped ourselves to TEA, and noted that on one of the walls are some posters put up so that bands have a POLITE place to write their graffiti. NICE. I tuned up, and then IN we went to the studio, where Keith Cameron and Vic McGlynn were already LOITERING, and Mr Steve Lamacq was DRIVING THE DESK (as we say in Radio, oh yes). We said Hello and he asked me if i had anything to plug, and I had to admit i DIDN'T, and then it was OFF WE GO and i was broadcasting to THE NATION! Or at least the bit of the nation that has a Digital Radio.

It was RATHER GOOD FUN i must say (you can LISTEN AGAIN to it HERE if you like, although at the moment it's trying to play LAST week's show) and i actually manage to ENJOY the talking bits these days, although the SONGS were a bit more nervy ESPECIALLY doing "Things'll Be Different When I'm In Charge", as the last time I did it on Steve's show I forgot the first line, and he looked MORTIFIED. I RATTLED on through that and "Good Luck In Your New Job", and HAPPILY everyone on the studio seemed to like it, then that was that and it was HO! for the pub.

This ALSO was good, as that Steve Lamacq is actually A Really Nice Chap, and it turned out EVERYONE was - Producer Henry, Adam and Jim The Soundman came too, and we had a VERY nice time - STORIES were told about The NME and stuff, and it was a bit weird hearing things from the OTHER SIDE and all was GOOD. INDEED, it was only the CALL OF ROCK that made us leave, and we headed off to ALDGATE to attend the Let's Go Baboon gig at The Rhythmn Factory.

We had a GRATE time - we met the lovely Claire Dicko of KOOBA RADIO fame (whose new show is up now, and features THREE Plans & Apologies tracks), also Carsmile Steve of THE INTERWEB fame, and saw General Khaki and Daddy Long Legs. Daddy Long Legs were lovely and JERKY - they did that thing that NORMALLY really ANNOYS me, where all the songs have fifteen different sections all in different time signatures, but they did it in such an ENTHUSIASTIC and CHARMING way that my dears they WON me over. General Khaki were a little SCARY in their INTENSENESS i must say, they were like Lungleg or Yummy Fur BUT VERY SOBER. It was ENNERVATING!

By then it was time for us to go home, which we did with a song in our hearts, having ROCKED: HARD!
posted 4/4/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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