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Today i got a SPECTACULARLY ARSEY email from someone from DOG COCK DILDO, the band I mentioned seeing a POSTER for the other week. The poor chap had obviously taken ENORMOUS OFFENCE to me saying they had a rubbish logo, and had then gone on to read the rest of this page with HASTE and in ANGER, and failed to see that i was also saying what a GRATE name it actually, and how it is thus a SHAME to obscure it with an indecipherable logo - he also sent me a copy of said logo, which you can JUDGE for yourself HERE. He was CAUSTIC in his condemnation of me, which i thought was rather lovely - it's what you EXPECT a young punk to be like isn't it? I think perhaps it was him who designed it, hence the RAGE, but it's nice to know that THE YOUTH are keeping alive the burning flame of SNOTTY ANGER. I THUS replied with an email congratulating him for being THUS, and restating my opinion that such a GRATE name deserved a more legible logo for people passing by at SPEED to READ. As i say, i was CHARMED by the ANGER, which will probably make him angrier YET.

Mind you, as well as calling me an "old computer geek" (fair enough) and a variety of OTHER things i would not share on such a well mannered website as this, he also called me "fat". DAMMIT! THAT HURT!

posted 6/4/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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