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If anyone would like to HEAR one of the demo versions for the new album, of which I have so often spoke, you could always go and listen to a sudden NEW EDITION of John Kell Vs. Satan, by clicking HERE and then following directions to download it.

This is the show that John used to do a couple of years ago on CUR1350, the Cambridge University Student radio station, where he used to play LOTS of our stuff - INDEED my version of STAN, to be heard on that PopGun compilation i was on about the other day, was recorded for a session on his show - and last week he had a brief RETURN to the airwaves. As well as featuring the demo of "The Gay Train", it also has "Black Eyes" by Frankie Machine and "Eggbound Mutebone" by the Plans & Apologies youngsters. It ALSO also has loads of other GRATE stuff - go listen, is GOOD!

posted 9/4/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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