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Blog: Thanks, And A New Song

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First of all, thanks to everyone who've emailed me over the past couple of days - I'm feeling OK about the whole thing now, thanks for asking, though I'm sure there'll be some more blubbing by the time we get to the Funeral on Friday...

Meanwhile I have gone and got myself a COLD, so am sat at work feeling GROTTY. STILL, one advantage of this contagion is that i couldn't be bothered to DO much yesterday, and so sat around the house with my GUITAR. As well as coming up with a Vague Idea for a Nice Song called "Better Things To Do" I WROTE and FINISHED an entire song called "Hey William", based on a REQUEST from a Mr Bayliss of Worcester for a song to play his 14 month old son William. I must say i am MOST PLEASED with the way it turned out, and got all excited and programmed some DRUMS to record a demo version with. HOWEVER i then discovered that my four track had pretty much given up altogether, and so have just spent a pleasant lunch hour LOOKING LONGINGLY through windows on Denmark Street at 4 tracks. OOH! They are such lovely things, i must go GET one!

Anyway, you can read the Lyrics and Annotations to "Hey William" NOW, and hopefully to "Better Things To Do" soonish. If this cold doesn't feel better tomorrow I'm going to stay at HOME and get ON it!

posted 25/4/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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