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Blog: Is She Really Going Out With Him?

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It's wrong, I know, but I can't help it - I really like Sandra Howard. She seems LOVELY. Surely I'm not alone in this? A while ago i SPOKE of political parties being like different bosses, and SHE very much fits into this - she's the sort of boss who'd be a bit annoying about Working At Home a bit too much, but would be also let you do it and would NEVER forget your birthday. She'd also probably talk about shopping instead of listening when you're doing your appraisal, but would have brought BISCUITS in or something.

I was going to thus ask WHY she is going out with an Utter Shit like Michael Howard, but thinking about it THOSE sort of bosses always DO seem to be married to people like that. He probably turns up slightly drunk at her Office Christmas Party and makes offhand racist remarks, whilst jangling the keys to his new car, that DOES seem about right. WHY do they do this? The Wobble In My Jelly suggests that maybe only somebody HUGELY LOVELY can find it within herself to love someone so NASTY, and maybe she has a point - it would explain a LOT of these sort of relationships... but I do think the Tories have missed a trick by NOT shoving her out front more. It certainly would do them better than their current DESPERATE NASTINESS - again, was it me, or did even Liam Fox look uncomfortable and ashamed when he was UNLEASHING that poster?

In a similar way, New Labour seem to be under the impression that Ruth Kelly is a vote winner, rather than A BIT CREEPY. Even BEFORE we all knew she was Head Flagellator of the UK Branch of THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR she seemed RUM, now she's just SCARIFYING. The minute she starts UNZIPPING HER FOREHEAD, everybody RUN!

posted 27/4/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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