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Right then, following a few THORTS from various TYPES, I've taken a bit of a LEAP and enabled COMMENTS for this page. Thanks to Mr Dan Haldane especially for pointing out that this is probably the Least Likely To Be Pompous option, as everybody else in the WORLD has them!

I'm a LITTLE wary of how this'll go, but let's see, shall we? In other news: I meant to go and see Jeffrey Lewis in BRIXTON last night, but couldn't face the three hour round trip so instead drank beer and watched Dr Who and DVDs with The Screen On My Telly. It's a shame to have missed him, as he is GRATE, but it was TOO MUCH, especially as TONIGHT I'm off to Brighton, and then on Wednesday it's off to The Metro to see The Chemistry Experiment, The Retro Spankees, The Loves, AND Bearsuit - now THAT is what i call a BILL!

And while I'm here - COR! Dr Who eh? BEST! EPISODE! EVER!

posted 16/5/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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