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Since I added the COMMENTS section to the site we've HAD some - it's been lovely, thank you! My SERVER STATS also indicate a few people who've arrived here GOOGLING for one thing or another, so to answer as many queries as possible, here's the first of a (MAYBE) regular feature: POSTBAG! Here's the answers to recent questions and queries:
  • Fake Fish: it's not so much fish in general i hanker for, it is BATTERED COD. A warning to the curious however - don't in under any circumstances try Fake Fish Cakes instead, they're DISGUSTING.
  • Popgun: yes, they ARE very GRATE and their webpage is HERE.
  • Tim doesn't bite his toenails, that would be HORRIBLE (though I'd like to see him try). Apparently he picks his feet. Ugh!
  • Robin from Thunder Bay - I'm sorry you lost your Adamantium skeleton, that Magneto seems to be doing it to EVERYBODY these days doesn't he? You think he'd LEARN!
  • The chords for my version of "Boom Shake The Room" are G and C . Much like many MANY of my own songs.
  • I advise everybody to visit Sorted Records as they have LOADS of videos of Gigs I Have Known. This month it's The Chemistry Experiment looking all FRESH and YOUNG - bless! See if you can spot the similarly fresh and young First Validators BASS Player OLLIE in the crowd!
  • My new wires are INDEED Quality Of Life Enhancement Devices, it is TRUE. Talking of which, I haven't had any NEW QOLEDs lately, do let me KNOW if you RHYME one up, won't you?
  • Everyone who ended up here looking for Grand "Moth" Tarkin - it turns out that ISN'T how you're supposed to spell it, although the image of Peter Cushing as a GIANT MOTH is, actually, pretty scary. Anyway, it's Grand MOFF Tarkin - that sounds RUBBISH now doesn't it? It sounds like a hip hop OTTER!

    Thanks everyone for the FACT - more another day!

    posted 7/6/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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