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Blog: Weekend ACTION

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Cor, it was a BUSY weekend this weekend - not only was i beavering away on the American Tape, but also i HOOVERED and CLEANED things, for LO! The Air In My Balloon and The Landlady were coming home on Saturday! HOORAH! I was obviously looking forward to this A LOT (as were the cats, not least because this would mean an end to their Stern But Fair feeding regime) and so was all of a dither dashing around the household making sure everything was OK for their return.

DITHER LEVELS were only INCREASED by DOCTOR WHO on Saturday - COR! Also BLIMEY! also WOW!!! Surely the living rooms of BRITAIN throbbed to people leaping up and down shouting "YEAH!" when The Doctor said "Rose -I'm coming to get you!"? And as for the Next Week trailer... MY THEORY: It's ADAM, who is now DAVROS! He got all the info about the FUTURE downloaded into his BRANE SPIKE! He hates the Doctor for dumping him! He knows about Daleks AND Time War stuff! AND the whole in his forehead could VERY EASILY be blocked up with a glowing blue bulb... JUST! LIKE! DAVROS!!

I'm really not looking forward to the series ending... anyway, in amongst all this i also found time to do some recording, and have pretty much finished "Closer To You", "If You Need Loving" (after a hefty spat of re-recording), "Hey William" and "Sod It Let's Get Pissed". I made a small start on "Born Yesterday" and am now FULL of ideas for the SIXTH song. As mentioned last week, I'd decided to try "Do More Eat Less" instead of "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" but then last night had a BRANE STORM and realised i could do a completely RE-JIGGED version of "ZIPCODES" with the same lyrics but DIFFERENT (and less JAZZ) tune.

I played this few a couple of times, thought of a bass line, and then had ANOTHER attack of the MIND THROBS: this could be the TITLE TRACK! Until now I've had no idea what to call The American Tape, but HEY! The song "Zipcodes" is, partly, about my youthful hankering after all things American, and as the tape's coming OUT in America it only seems right to name it AFTER all that. HOOPLA!

All in all then, an EXCITING weekend! ZANG!

posted 13/6/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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You know Doctor who has been fantastic but how can anyone like the first half of that episode.

It was terrible.

Yes the ending was good but I find myself wishing that less of the seriese was written by russell davies and more by mark gatiss (unquiet dead) or Steven Moffat (empty child)

Overall it's great that it's back and generally an excellent return but the last episode got off to a really bad start.
posted 14/6/2005 by Peter

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