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I went to a GIG last night, to see The Chemistry Experiment... and didn't get in. They were supporting American Analog Set, and the whole thing had SOLD OUT, which was extremely disappointing (for me, that is, probably not for American Analog Set) as The Ink In My Pen had rushed across London to see them, as even after YEARS of me ranting about how GRATE the Chemistry Experiment are, she has never seen them. Her quest goes on.

We DID however console ourselves by going to THE PUB, and having a LOVELY time. We hardly ever just go to the pub together - my dears our GIDDY SOCIAL LIVES tend to mean we socialise seperately a lot of the time, purely to fit it all in - and it is such a shame as I do believe we are both Very Good at Going To The Pub. When the two of us are together it is perhaps something that tourists might like to pay good money to see, the ancient art of Talking About Stuff In The PUB done to it's highest levels. It is, i guess, a SYMPTOM of Life In The Big City, and not exactly a RARE thing, but it is always nice to be reminded that you have done VERY WELL INDEED in your choice of Significant Other...

I would say "and it was nice for me too" at this point, but that would be to taint a beautiful moment with GAGGERY. Anyway, yes, it is the kind of FEELING that Mr Sir Paul McCartney used to celebrate in his Actually OK late-80's and early 90's albums, especially in "We Got Married" which I've always really liked but does not TEND to get listed in those big lists of "10 Songs From His SOlo Albums That Are Actually All Right" things you see whenever he releases a new album. "Single Pigeon" too.

I thought of Macca last night in this context largely because I had the song "Jenny Wren" from the new album going round my head. Ooh, it is a LOVELY song that is, much like the rest of it. On first listen I was fairly unimpressed by the whole thing, but MORE listening has made it GROW upon me MASSIVELY. As well as the TOONS and that, i really like the way he seems to have RELAXED into being HIM on this one. I LOVE the way he sounds more SCOUSE than he ever has done before - too many times, in the past, he's done a Cod-American accent, as if he's EMBARRASSED to sing things in his own voice, or wants to seem SINCERE, but on this one it SOUNDS like a middle aged guy from Liverpool singing to some friends. I also like the way there's a BIT of weirdness going on, but nobody's SHOWING OFF about it, it's not like he's trying to COMPETE with other people who are doing it.

It's just a LOVELY record, "A Real Return To Form" as everybody says, although "Flaming Pie" was ACE and it wasn't THAT long ago. It's been a good WEEK for New CDs, as i ALSo got "Achtung Bono" by Half Man Half Biscuit. It's new albums from two of my favourite ACTS, EVER! This one ALSO passed me by on first listen, but on second and third - OH YEAH! ESPECIALLY "Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo" which i spent a LOT of last night's pub session explaining to the Teabag In My Cup Of Tea Preparation Ritual, and also "Surging Out Of Convalescence", and the LOVELY "For What Is Chatteris" and... well, all of it really. The biscuits! Come to That London please, that I may see you at my EASE!

There we go - Nightlife and two album reviews, call me THE REVIEW SECTION!

posted 14/9/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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oh flip i hadn't realised the new hmhb was out! off to fopp with me after work then.

not just reviews but also reminders, well done :)
posted 14/9/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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