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SO much ACTION! On Thursday we got up bright and early and got the bus to Diamondhead, the big dormant volcano down the road from here, and HIKED right up it. It was AMAZING, and also VERY HIGH, and when we came down again i got a bit dizzy and fell over and hurt my knee. OW. In the afternoon we went to the BEACH and i got a BOOGIE board and "surfed" i.e. paddled out on it, hung around failing to catch any waves, and then came back in again. But HEY! I DID go out there!

Yesterday we got up early AGANE and went on a TRIP, we went with Inter Island Airways over to The Big Island. It was AMAZING - we checked in at a small bamboo HUT, had a cup of tea, walked over to the plane and flew off, it was ACE. "THIS," I thought, "Is the way to TRAVEL!" We flew over an ACTIVE VOLCANO and saw ACTUAL LAVA and OH MY it done my head in. Then we got on a lovely Polynesian Adventure Tours bus with an LACONIC and ACE driver/guide called John From Missouri, and spent the day going "Oooh!" and "Wow!" around another volcano. BEST bits were having LUNCH in The Volcano House Restaurant, which is on the EDGE of the CRATER (which is still occasionally ACTIVE), and then later walking through Tropical Rain Forest and The Thurston Lava Tube. It was a) MENTAL b) AMAZING c) FAB.

And as if THAT wasn't enough, this morning we decided to take a HELICOPTER RIDE, and an hour later found ourselves getting into an Actual Real Life HELICOPTER. Helicopter's are GRATE - the pilot said "Let's just taxi round to see if we can get clearance" and suddenly we were HOVERING ten foot in the air and zooming round the roads. It was FAR OUT, and I took back my earlier statement - HELICOPTERS, THAT is the only way to get around. We saw LOADS of things, but mostly we saw the house that was Robin Master's Estate in Magnum, and it looked JUST like off the telly. Also holy waterfalls, world famous surfing beaches, yadda yadda, but mostly MAGNUM!

It turns out that i am TERRIFIED of flying in helicopters tho, as i was SHAKING LIKE A LEAF for two hours afterwards, but it was BRILLIANT. The only downside is that suddenly i feel SAD because we've only got two more days here. Hawaii is GRATE!

posted 3/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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