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Blog: One Last Aloha

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It's our last day in Hawaii today, and since last we spoke we've taken things a bit more calmly. We've seen some HULA DANCING, been to Duke's Bar for cocktails, and otherwise LOAFED around, mostly on the beach. It's been LOVELY, but now we're feeling a bit sad about having to leave. It's New Zealand next, which'll be LOVELY as there's a ton a family there now ready for my brother's wedding, which is the DRIVING FORCE behind the whole trip, but it's SO very lovely here, and we've had enough time to get properly settled in, that's it's going to be a bit of a WRENCH.

Still, the planet isn't going to circumnavigate ITSELF, so we'd best get moving. I'm not sure if we'll have internet access so easily in New Zealand, so fear not, if you hear nothing for a few days i shall be out catching some WAVES! ALOHA!

posted 5/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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