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Blog: Auckland: DONE

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Hello once again from Scenic Auckland, which we have now pretty much DONE. This morning we lightly breakfasted in Starbucks on beverages and cakes or, as they same in America: breakfast, cake. I must say I am quite liking Breakfasting Out, it feels decadent yet necessary - perhaps i shall attempt it when i am back in uptown Leytonstone? Whilst there we decided that Auckland is like BIRMINGHAM, as it is biggish without FEELING too big, the people are really nice, it's got some BUSTLE about it, and it's rather hilly. It's nice after Whakatane to be back in a city - it was pretty there, but RATHER small townish. As we've travelled we've generally agreed which British (or European anyway) city each capital most resembles - New York is like LEEDS, San Francisco is like BRISTOL, Hawaii is either FOLKSTONE of PALMA. However, we parted company on Whakatane with The Tip Of My Sky Tower thinking it was like Calverley whilst I thought it was like Market Deeping. I thought Market Deeping because it's a pretty but QUIET little place where, with the best possible will in the world, nothing much ever happens. Also it has a lot of my family in it. Calverly is the similar in that it's where The Ferry In My Bay grew up, although we didn't spot any of her lot there.

ANYWAY, yeah, it was like Birmingham, except with 101 extra beaches i.e. 102, and probably all rather nicer. Having agreed upon that we wandered down Queen Street, which is the main Wandering Down street in town, apparently, stopping only to gaze upon the TERRIFYING GESTURING SANTA, which LOOMS above beckoning and winking HORRIFICALLY. We then got on the FERRY over to Devonport, which is a nice little town over the bay, and then got a bus round there. It was NICE. We came back and got straight on the bus tour bus, which was WELL relaxing and pleasant. I think maybe we're getting a bit blase about stuff at this late stage, as we're flitting from boat to bus to plane without blinking an eye - maybe four weeks ON TOUR is ENOUGH. After that it was back to the hotel to try and get out next stage SORTED, as our Travel Agents have turned out to be a load of *FIBBING* *TWITS* (some words may settle in transit) and have cocked up our hotels in Singapore. That done we went out AGANE to the Sky Tower (The Tallest Building In The Southern Hemisphere), went up it, LOOKED OUT, drank a beer, came down, and here we are back again. DONE!

When we got in I looked at my diary, to check out some dates for a possible NICE GIG, and noticed that a week on Saturday I'm headed for Peterborough. "What on earth's that about?" I wandered, then realised: "ARGH! CHRISTMAS!!!" FREAKOUT!

posted 13/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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