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Blog: Back Back In The UK

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You find me sat back at my desk at work, irrationally worried because I haven't got all my worldy possessions packed into a suitcase and don't know what sights I'll be seeing tomorrow, and very rationally worried because I haven't done any of my Christmas Shopping yet. It's very nice INDEED to be home, and it does feel SAFE to know where everything is, but it's also VERY COLD INDEED! Man, it wasn't like this on the EQUATOR!

Also, in all honesty, and with all due to respect to My Job, it's not as much fun as jollying around the GLOBE with The Latitude And Longitude Of My Coordinates. Still, I'm starting to get into The Christmas Mood, and it IS better to be getting back now with all that to look forward to than it would be otherwise. ALSO i guess the fact that I'm feeling fed up now is testament to what a GRATE time we had. We saw some amazing things and DID crazy stuff I'd never dreamt I ever would, and it's one of those SECTIONS of my life I'll know I'll always look back on with GLEE and be IMPRESSED that we ever did it all.

Still, THE ROCK must continue, and I've been getting to grips with updating the Discography, QOLED and Past Gigs section, with a new edition of The Newsletter due out on Friday. Stand by for FACT!

posted 19/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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