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Blog: Now I Have Arrived

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Merry Christmas/New Year INTERLUDE, one and all! I hope that those of you who, like me, are halfway through a whole week off work are enjoying this traditional festive time of writing really long lists of things you're going to do this year rather than waste it sitting around watching DVDs and drinking tea, then sitting around watching DVDs and drinking tea and realising that, actually, it's GRATE and NOT a waste of time at all. And to those of you who have had to go back to work, my deepest sympathies.

Christmas has been LOVELY so far - on the 23rd we had our traditional CHRISTMAS DINNER at home, what i made, and was SMASHING, then on Christmas Eve i headed back to the FENS for my Christmas Eve DRINKIE with the rest of The Masters Of Nothing, then spent an Actually Rather Pleasant couple of days with the FAAMILY. Much drink was drunk, food eaten, cards played, and NAN listened to, it was lovely.

And now I'm home and RELAXING with NO massive trips to worry about nor Christmas presents to buy. It is STRANGE, but also rather pleasant, and as mentioned above i do now have a BIG LIST of Things To Do, not least of which is to get on with THE BOOK. Before all that could get going, however, we had a PARTY last night with The In-Laws, who came round for a FEAST of CHampagne and Snacks. It was DELIGHTFUL, especially when The Brother-In-Law And Sons performed MJ TRIBBETT, the first ever MJ Hibbett & The Validators TRIBUTE BAND. They played "Things'll Be Different", "Another Man's Laundry", "The Symbol Of Our Nation" and, as an encore, "Payday Is The Best Day" and my dears i was EXTREMELY MOVED, it was BLOODY GRATE! I was especially impressed by the way they DIDN'T go for the easy ones, choosing instead the WORDIER numbers and, indeed, remembering them a darn sight better than I ever do. It was LOVELY.

Today we're all stumbling around the house slightly dazed, but from tomorrow onwards its ACTION all the way. I've set myself the task of learning up a few new songs in order to vary The Uberset when we get going again, and of course there's that BOOK to get writing. Also several DVDs to watch and tea to drink - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

posted 29/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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hehe, you could set them up as a FRANCHISE and have several of them round the WORLD keeping the HIBBETT MASSIVE entertained...
posted 30/12/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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