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Blog: Zipcodes

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A quick newsflash from the interweb - The Tasty 2005 Compilation is now online, featuring my song "Zipcodes" which I don't think has been available anywhere else before, so if you fancy it why not go and have a listen?

And while I'm here - it appears that there's now only two copies of "Milk & Baubles" left, and four of "This Is Not A Library". There might be a few copies of the latter lurking in varous lofts, but definitely not of the former, and I've no immediate plans to re-press either of these any time soon, so if you've always dreamt of one day owning one of the above, now might be the time to get going!

posted 31/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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I really liked Zipcodes - I relate to both the comic bit, and the lack of a zipcode.

Also on that page is "Sleep" by Treewave, which is well worth a listen. Brilliant use of a dot-matrix printer! I met Paul Slocum from Treewave when I was in Chicago this fall, and told him about your music (mostly because of Hey Hey 16k).
posted 5/1/2006 by Robin

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