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You find me in a TERRIFIC mood today, as last night I went to ROCK Winchester, and by golly Winchester ROCKED me right back! I played at the Albion, and it was BLOODY FANTASTIC. There were people there! They LIKED it! Quite a lot! I SOLD OUT of CDs! I got a PROPER Encore, not people pretending! And FREE BEER!

It was bloody fantastic, I had a MARVELOUS time, thanks Ray for sorting it out! ALSO the Pub Proprietors asked me to go back soon, and i WILL. ALSO i had to chat to Owen Tromans, who is a lovely chap, and he lent me his PICKUP. I have had many Bad Experiences with pickups in the past, but the one he had was FANTASTIC and will, I am sure, change my life forever, for i WANT one! GIMME! He also TAPED the evening, so i may try and get a copy, just so i can PROVE that it was as ACE as i remember it being.

Afterwards we had some Extended Drinking, then went back to Ray's where many Young People were gathered... so needless to say, i am KNACKERED today. But happy, oh yes, very happy.

posted 8/5/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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