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Blog: Another Gig

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I'm STILL worn out from the Winchester Excitement... I bet The STONES don't get this, but then they don't have to get up really really early to get into work the next day do they? Cuh! Bloody Rolling Stones, who do they think they're kidding?

Another GIG has arrived, on July 4th at The Verge, playing with the utterly marvelous Lovely Brothers. This will hopefully be a sort of launch gig for both bands' new releases, it should almost definitely (oh my!) be a gig where THE NEW ALBUM will be available... oh please, let it be so!

Meanwhile, I'm off for more ROCK ACTION at the Bull & Gate tomorrow night, to see the Fortuna Pop! Extravaganza. Gigs are GRATE.

posted 9/5/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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