About The Show

'Hey Hey 16K' is a live DVD recording of MJ Hibbett (and Steve)'s two-man comedy musical of the same name, available now from Go Faster Stripe.

This is MJ and Steve's fourth show, following on from Dinosaur Planet, Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter and Total Hero Team. Those were all science fiction extravaganzas, but this one is based on a piece of Internet history. Back in 1999 International Rock Star MJ Hibbett had the bright idea of releasing his hymn to the ZX Spectrum, 'Hey Hey 16K', as the world's first ever internet single. It was a firm favourite among computer geeks and indie fans, but it wasn't until 2004 that it became a worldwide smash. Rob Manuel of b3ta.com created an animation for the song, turning it into one of the first ever viral videos, and it was downloaded over two million times in its first fortnight.

Fast forward to 2015, when MJ decided to use the song as the basis for a musical, starring himself and his friend Steve Hewitt. "MJ goes back in time to the 1980s to meet a teenage version of himself, played by me," says Steve. "Itís the role of lifetime, though I did have to shave my beard off to do it!" The pair toured the stage show around the UK, including performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - here they are talking about it:

Go Faster Stripe head honcho Chris Evans (not that one) has long been a fan of MJ's work, and jumped at the chance to record and release 'Hey Hey 16K' on DVD. "I love this charming, heart-warming show and it's great to bring it out on DVD so that more people will get the chance to see it."

The show features home computers, time travel, teenage memories, advice on beer, a biography of Ada Lovelace, brand new songs, tap dancing, dad jokes and hula hooping. The DVD also features interviews with MJ (and Steve), early rehearsals of a dance routine and the original internet video from 2004. It's available to buy as a download or physical DVD from Go Faster Stripe right now!